Wall street women

Women Make Strides in Business Ownership Nowhere is this seen more clearly than in communal workplaces like WeWork, the New-York-based company that rents shared workspace, conference rooms and services to freelancers and startups. Others like multinational Regus Corporation and upstarts such as Pivot Desk, NeueHouse and Industry City, a six-million-square-foot megacomplex in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, are players in the ever-expanding co-working world. And they are clued in to branding—starting with themselves.

Wall street women

Share via Email Occupy Wall Street has instigated a series of female-led meetings where only women can speak. Angry and upset, she said she had been shouted down while attempting to facilitate a general assembly.

There were nods of recognition and murmurs of sympathy from those seated in a circle around her. But her battle was not with police officers or security guards. Instead, those who had treated her with disdain were fellow activists, every one of which was white and male.

In the aftermath of the eviction from their camp in lower Manhattan, the organisers of Occupy Wall Street are struggling to maintain order at the general assembly, the backbone of its decision-making.

At its heart was an "ongoing crisis for people of colour, women and the marginalised", according to Kanene Holder, a part-time teaching artist from Brooklyn who is active on several working groups.

Kanene Holder "White males are used to speaking and running things," said Holder. The simple idea behind it: But a quick glance through the paper, television and Wall street women coverage spawned since Occupy's first march on Wall Street in September reveals that some voices are louder than others.

While images of women as victims have endured, those who speak about the ideas and actions have been predominantly male. Those who spoke to the Guardian talked about a daily struggle to maintain their presence and ensure they were heard.

Various ideas designed to redress the balance — such as "progressive stacks", where minority voices are given priority to speak, and "caucuses", where decisions deemed inappropriate to women, people of colour and the LGBT community are blocked — were not enough, they said.

This week marked an important step. On Monday, after a number of women complained of "overly aggressive" men dominating events, OWS has, for the first time, instigated a series of female-led meetings where only women can speak.

It was an opportunity for "males to listen and for female marginalised voices to be heard," Holder said. The meeting at Wall Street, attended by around 20 women and 15 unusually silent men, was the first such gathering. At that point, as if to underline the issue, a commotion broke out as a white man burst into the centre of the female-led circle, demanding to speak, and angrily accusing all around him of sexism and racism.


To get away with this crap? It exists because privilege is learned over a lifetime and cannot be erased overnight.

Part of the reason for the dominance of male voices, they said, was because men tended to place more emphasis on speaking to the media at the expense of other projects. They too, had work to do to stop "giving away power", they said.

This doesn't come across as a definite answer. It sounds like I'm asking for others' permission. Jillian Buckley, a graduate from Brooklyn who is working part-time as a nanny, agreed.

Here we might not have got rid of all forms of oppression, but we are talking about it. We are aware of historical repression we don't want to do anything that would lead to further marginalisation.

The left is continually plagued by gender problems. There were the women who were pepper-sprayed by the cop in New York, the woman who miscarried after being pepper-sprayed … when I saw the image of the year-old political activist, Dorli Rainey, who was also pepper-sprayed, I thought that was going in a female victim direction, too.

She gave an interview in which she cited the women's movement, which said: Diminishing a serious social movement to a discussion over whether or not they're sexy? She compared it to the second wave of feminism during the civil rights movement where women were often seen as "secretarial or sexual, yet they were fully participating.

In October, she was responsible for blocking OWS's first declaration as "alienating" to people of colour in a move that led to the caucuses, and has written movingly about it in a blog. She said that racism and sexism were ongoing challenges, but women within the movement had given her hope.Nov 22,  · A defiant statue of a young girl facing off with Wall Street's famous “Charging Bull” was placed on Broadway by an index fund giant the same day it rolled out an initiative to get more women.

Wall Street Women “Seeing women collaborating, sharing their successes and failures, and lifting each other up is so poignant and powerful,” says Christine Kim ’ Jul 06,  · Fisher’s Wall Street Women is a topical text.

Fisher, an anthropologist, conducted extensive Fisher, an anthropologist, conducted extensive interviews over two decades with the first generation of Wall Street women, the door openers. Even if we could get past the troubling message this sends, this isn’t practical — women only make up about 25% of the executive team at the top Wall Street firms, and there simply aren’t.

Jul 10,  · Women on Wall Street widely report experiencing overt sexism.

Wall street women

A bond trader friend received a smaller-than-expected bonus after refusing to sleep with her boss, and soon quit. Jun 27,  · The arrival of hundreds of thousands of raucous male soccer fans in Brazil is sparking complaints from residents that tourists are treating host cities like a playground and local women with.

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