Subcom business plan

TE SubCom has a base in Baltimore and invited us to tour the facility and one of their cable-laying ships.

Subcom business plan

Surveillance Systems Optic Fiber Network Al-Kaun Fiber Optics services includes installation, supervision, termination, splicing, testing and commissioning, operations and maintenance of fiber networks. We are mainly involved in fiber laying activites for Ooredoo.

All our fiber technicians are Ooredoo certified. We have done telecom infrastructure development for many real estate developers all over Qatar. In short we can provide any kind of technical solution to the fiber optic networks. Our services include laying of feeder cable from central office to distribution pop, laying of drop cables to customer premises, installation of cabinets and splitters, installation of ONT, provisioning and testing of customer connections.

Copper Networks Al-Kaun is well experienced on the installation and maintenance of copper and coaxial networks. Telecom Civil Works Al-Kaun undertake projects which includes excavation of surfaces, Installation of Manholes, Road crossings, trenching activities, supply of precast manholes, construction of jointing chambers, etc.

We are experienced in installing manhole according to Ooredoo standards and we are expertised in construction of JRC We are also partnered with many real estate developers in Qatar for the development of telecom civil network and also we are expertise in trenchless methods like Horizontal Directional Drilling etc.

Off Shore Support Al-Kaun expertise includes supporting of fiber laying in land operations for undersea communication systems. Structured Cabling Al-Kaun have technically qualified professionals for doing Structured Cabling according to the industry standards.

Our structured cabling services include installing new data points - including laying cables through to termination. We also design switched and shared solution for variety of network protocols. Other services include supplying and installing a variety of data cabinets, patch panel and racks and installing patch leads for all network and telecom applications.

We provide IP surveillance cameras, video cameras and other security equipment that works with digital video recorders to record and store information for weeks or even months with no intervention needed.

All of our security products are state-of-the-art. Our cameras utilize the most current technology including heaters for anti-fog in the winter, LED lights for night illumination and power over Ethernet for places where an electrical outlet is not available.

We work with all major surveillance and security camera brands and can customize a video security solution to fit your exact needs from design to installation and maintenance.

subcom business plan

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subcom business plan

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