Minimum wage causes unemployment

All employers and workers, as well as workplaces and production, industrial, services and agricultural establishments are required to comply with the provisions of this Code. For the purposes of this Code, the term "worker" means any person who works in any capacity at the request of an employer in return for remuneration. The term "remuneration" includes wages, salaries, dividends and other allowances. The term "employer" means any legal or natural person at whose request and for whom a worker performs work in return for remuneration.

Minimum wage causes unemployment

And besides, common sense is overrated, how you prove an assertion is to actually look at real numbers and statistics on the matter instead of just coming up with an answer to the question, claim is common sense, and just call it the truth.

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Not that long ago we though that the sun gravitated around the earth, and it was common sense, off course we saw with our own eyes how the sun moved across the sky, not until we analyzed it in a scientific manner we found that common sense was wrong. The point is supply and demand should dictate wages.

I think this would carry a lot more punch than the exorbitant overage they earn today. Lets price realistate by actual hourly rates and not labor costs, automobiles by actual hourly rates and not labor costs.

Where does this end or is this as benign as any scavenger hunt ravaged by retrobutive servitude. I thought ideas that work one way also work in reverse. If we need more money in that means we need less money out, or is it the other way.

I know if more goes out more must be taken Taken in. Hey look I promised not one penny of tax increases not one I promise not anyway, anyhow. Funny I finally understand what my mother meant when she said anyhow. End of conversation folks. Raising the minimum is a small solution, a baby step toward kickstarting a rather stagnant economy.

Minimum wage causes unemployment

If some of that bailout money had been put into US local small businesses, these quibbles about minimum wage would be non existent. People need to know who the real enemy is.

Blaming the poor and degenerate is like blaming a raindrop for causing a Tsunami. AFBooks Very astute article that enunciates sound economic theory lost on most economists and politicians. Our economy is bound to fail and that is a good thing. Sooner we realize that Capitalism is some type of illusionary race to manufacture and sell as much crap as you possibly can before you die, with no true intent or goal.

Anyway if we must to capitalism…. These stories above are unproven scare tactics that have no grounds as the political, economic, not to mention technological aspects of our culture that we live in now are unmatched throughout any time in the history of mankind.

There is nothing to compare this moment to. Inferno2ss The only reason Capitalism has been less effective the last 50 years is due to government interference. Poor people and people making just over min wage will be impacted the most. What are you talking about, this has nothing to do with race.

Hence the disregard for indigenous brown people, otherwise known as indirect racism. That is a total stretch. How do you get from a Free Market to human injustices and rape?For one thing, the push for a national minimum wage of $15 an hour would actually cost employers $ an hour, thanks to payroll taxes, unemployment insurance and ObamaCare taxes.

It has been over five years since the hourly federal minimum wage was increased from $ to $ During this period, individuals living on Social Security benefits received a cost-of-living. There are seven causes of unemployment.. Four cause frictional type of unemployment is when employees leave their job to find a better one.

Two cause structural's when workers' skills or income requirements no longer match the jobs available. The Great Depression Facts, Timeline, Causes, Pictures Posted on April 25, by Thomas DeGrace.

The Great Depression in the United States began in and ended in It was the worst economic crisis in the history of the U.S. Extensive research refutes the claim that increasing the minimum wage causes increased unemployment and business closures.

(See list below.) The buying power of the minimum wage reached its peak in at $, adjusting for inflation in dollars. The unemployment rate went from % in to % in to % in Recent research on employment effects of minimum wages The earliest studies of the employment effects of minimum wages used only national variation in the U.S.

minimum wage. They found elasticities between − and − for teens ages 16–19, and between − and − for young adults ages 16–

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