Marketing and organizational markets essay

By using any of these segmentation bases, either individually or in combination, an organization can construct market segments for evaluation to help them select appropriate target markets. Description of each main consumer segmentation base Geographic Segmenting by country, region, city or other geographic basis.

Marketing and organizational markets essay

But change has always been a reality of life and is even more so today. The challenge for leaders is the transformation of their organization at this time of fast change. In this context, the research paper will analyze how the German car manufacturer BMW can apply organizational change and development theories to ensure highest quality and increase its market share in the emerging Chinese market.

China's explosive growth, which has turned its car market into the fastest-growing in the world, has attracted foreign automakers in hordes Welch, Over the past decade, nearly every major car company has entered the Chinese market and so did BMW. The German car manufacturer invested in the local market and formally opened its first production facility in Shenyang.

Purpose of Study The purpose of this study is to examine the current situation regarding the Chinese market and potential issues for BMW. Based on these findings, it is examined how BMW can apply organizational change and development theories in order to make the process of doing business within the Chinese culture and market more effectively.

The purpose is to find out how BMW can ensure quality and enhance its market share in China and gain a competitive advantage in the automobile industry. Research Question How can BMW apply organizational change and development theories to ensure quality and increase its market share in the Chinese market?

Market Structure

Research Design For the purpose of this research paper, various secondary sources from printed sources, online databases as well as from the library were used.

Furthermore, the researcher searched for differences between literature of different nations regarding organizational change and development theories.

Limitation of Study This study is limited to external data. Furthermore, much of the research found has come from the USA, and is therefore influenced by American culture.

The research is also limited to only one player in the automobile industry, which is BMW. Although BMW has to face issues of different nature by operating in China, this research paper will focus on economical issues, and most importantly the importance of quality assurance.

Literature Review Overview The first part describes in what degree and form the automobile industry is affected by change and development.

Marketing and organizational markets essay

It is analyzed if or how the automobile industry utilizes organizational change and development theories. The second part looks at the company BMW in particular, and how it can utilize change theories in order to increase market share in the Chinese market.

Literature Relevant The automobile market is locally and mostly globally at the maturity stage of the life cycle, due to an increased number of competitors from domestic and foreign markets.

The automobile market in general is characterized by a low potential for market growth, but high sales and profit potential Murtagh, The overall automobile market can be organized in geographic as well as product segments, but competitive forces are high in each segment of the overall market.

The market structure of the luxury car manufacturer segment, which BMW belongs to is a differentiated oligopoly. The actions of each company in this oligopoly affects the other manufacturers in the market.

Although BMW is the only luxury car manufacturer that produces locally in China, major competitors are fighting over the market share in China. Therefore, the key issue is how BMW can win more market share over its competitors.

BMW claims quality products that are engineered in Germany. Quality manufacturing in China is therefore crucial for the success and market share of BMW in China.

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The question now is how well Chinese employees are able and trained to manufacture the high quality cars of BMW in order to keep the claimed quality promise.

The process of personnel development is based on company leadership and management that must competently handle continuous change and use human resources for a positive company image and future success.Marketing and Organizational Markets Essay Sample.

It was when the marketing manager, Strong of Aldus Corporation, met with marketing and sales to discuss ways of moving forward with the company’s brands.

marketing objective would be to reduce manufacturing costs by ten percent within two years. Expansion opportunities exist in several markets, including India and the United States. Competing brands are entrenched in the United States market, but there is a lot of opportunity in.

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M2A2 Marketing Plan: Find Your Marketing Template. Product/Service: COFEE SHOP. In a persuasive essay, link organizational technology, value, and strategy. You may use a real-life organization you have researched (or worked for) in order to illustrate your argument.

An organization continually looking to serve nonprofit markets for. Toyota understands that customer retention is essential to the company's long-term success. Building customer management experience and a passion to deliver best-of-breed customer solutions, Toyota creates a product for specific target market.

1. Decentralization was a source of strength for Unilever. The company create basis of subsidiary companies in major national market. Each market were responsible for production, sales and distribution of products in that market.

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