How to write a resume info graphic sales operations leader

Provide establishment and cultivation of key partnerships, generate strategic plans to elevate organizational performance, and coordinate account development operations.

How to write a resume info graphic sales operations leader

When is it required? When should it be integrated with a fire alarm system? How is that accomplished? These are a few of the many questions both elevator and electrical contractors have when elevator work is performed. With the constantly changing technologies and capabilities of elevator control and fire alarm systems, questions like these mandate close coordination between contractors.

This article will explain what elevator recall is also referred to as firefighter emergency operations and when it is required. It will also cover the integration of the fire alarm system with elevator firefighter emergency operations. This system has the added responsibility of notifying the occupants and the fire department of alarm conditions.

If a reporting fire alarm system is not required, the elevator recall initiating devices can be part of a stand alone fire alarm system whose sole purpose is to initiate an FEO sequence.

The FEO involves several phases of action, but essentially, it removes control and accessibility of the elevator cabs from the public and gives it to the firefighters. In a high rise situation, this tool is critically important.

A second, equally important result is the consideration for public safety.


By removing public access to elevators, the possibility of injury or death due to getting trapped in a non-operational cab or actually being delivered to the involved floor is removed. This predetermination is made by the local authority having jurisdiction AHJusually the local fire department.

Two floors of egress are determined: The Alternate Level is a secondary floor of egress should the Primary Level become unsafe for egress. Fire alarm system smoke detectors that are programmed to activate Phase One are located in the elevator lobbies, elevator hoistway and elevator machine room.

If smoke is detected in any of these areas, Phase One is automatically initiated to remove the possibility of the public being delivered to a smoke or flame filled area. If a smoke detector on any level except the Primary level activates, the cabs are recalled to the Primary level.

If a Primary level detector activates, the cabs are recalled to the Alternate level. In both instances, a sounder and an FEO lamp in the cab will activate. If no other FEO incidents occur, the cabs will remain in that state until the alarm is reset. Another means of activating Phase One is manually by key switch.

The key switch is usually located in the elevator lobby of the Primary level. If the facility has an elevator annunciator panel, a switch will be located there as well. Firefighters arriving at a facility may need to use the elevator before Phase One is automatically activated.Here are the 5 keys you need to write a winning sales resume that will get you your dream job.

5 Keys to Writing a Winning Sales Resume [Infographic] Written by Taylor Dumouchel on September 6, Secrets from a Sales Leader.

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how to write a resume info graphic sales operations leader

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how to write a resume info graphic sales operations leader

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