Composition lab

Composers who have already participated in Luna Lab are asked to wait a year before applying again. Supporters Tuition covers a small part of the total cost per fellow to run Luna Lab, and remaining costs are covered by our generous funders: Toulmin Foundation, and the Witherspoon Fund. Maya Johnson is the recipient of the Griselda Villanueva Fellowship.

Composition lab

Dark gray color no change When bent with force, bone snapped Discussion: The chicken bone that was soaked in vinegar had its calcium dissolved. Vinegar is a mild acid that is strong enough to be able to dissolve calcium. Calcium is an important mineral found in bone that helps them stay strong, it is also involved in bone remodeling.

After soaking in vinegar the bone was flexible because it lacked calcium. Although there was no more calcium the bone stayed intact because the fibrous proteins collagen remained.

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The chicken bone that was in the oven had its collagen fibers broken down by heat. This caused the bone to break when pressure was applied to both ends. Collagen gives bones flexibility and is found in many other parts of the body including skin, muscles, tendons and more. One source of error is that the chicken bone was not soaked in the vinegar for a long enough period of time.

This caused the bone to bend but not with ease and not to a high degree. To solve this error, the bone should be left in the vinegar for a longer period of time.

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One thing I would do next time is to add more solutions to compare how certain levels of acidity will affect bones. For example, a possible solution to soak the bones in is bleach.

Composition lab

If the calcium is removed from bones, then the bones will increase in flexibility. If the collagen is removed from the bones, then the bones will become brittle.

As seen in this lab bones become weak and fragile when not provided with the proper nutrients and the hypothesis was supported.

Calcium deficiencies affect many parts of the body including hair, nails, skin, bones.


Hypocalcemia is a calcium deficiency disease, some symptoms include muscle spasms, hallucinations, easily fracturing bones and more. Other calcium deficiency diseases are osteoporosis and osteopenia, all these are very important and should be treated right away.

Collagen deficiency is also very important to be aware of, collagen vascular disease. It affects your connective tissue and some symptoms include fatigue, muscle weakness, joint pain and more.

Composition lab

This lab showed the large impact of calcium and collagen and reinstated the importance of both. Retrieved October 11,from https: Retrieved October 13,from https: Hypocalcemia Calcium Deficiency Disease.The Music Composition Laboratory (inside the University Center for the Arts) boasts state-of-the-art hardware and software for both composition and audio production.


This lab is specifically dedicated for use by composition students only who have hour secure access to the space. This lab has many applications that can be applied in the real world, particularly in the subject of agriculture and construction.

Knowing the soil composition of the . Composition of Penny Using Redox Reactions. Determining the composition of pennies with redox reactions Introduction: The understanding of oxidation and reduction must be clear to carry out this the understanding of these concepts we can calculate or hypothesize for the properties of each element or compound.

In this penny lab, students determine the percent composition of a penny produced after They calculate the amount of copper and zinc in the penny by performing a chemical reaction on the penny with hydrochloric acid.

lab report given to you and communications with other groups as a guide, you are to devise a strategy to determine the percent composition of NaHCO 3 in a mixture of NaHCO 3 and Na 2 CO 3 by heating the. In this lab, our purpose was to calculate the value of X in the chemical equation CuSO4 ∙ XH2O using our knowledge of percent composition.

The only information we were given was that the value of X is somewhere between one and ten which indicates the number of water molecules there are that.

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