Alan sugar leadership style

Where it all began Alan Sugar is known for his autocratic leadership style, characterised by high levels of control which allows him to make all the decisions without consulting his staff Daft,

Alan sugar leadership style

Being driven, opportunistic and intuitive are just some of his admirable qualities. Anderson comments that Sugar derives from humble origins and has become a man of wealth, making him Alan sugar leadership style motivational and commendable role model.

Sugar is also described as being a leader who takes full responsibility and is full of wisdom on how to be successful.

Lord Alan Sugar and Leadership: The Controversy of Alan Sugar

Those who live up to his expectations are rewarded with both his respect and his loyalty. On his blog RyannLii introduces Golman in RyannLii who proposes six perceived leadership styles. These are a visionary leader, a coaching leader, an affilitative leader, the democratic leader, the pace setting leader and the commanding leader.

RyannLii supports Golmans view that to be an effective leader an individual must adopt at least one of these styles. A visionary leader is someone whose objectives focus on the aims of a long term vision. This can be perceived as a very ambitious and optimistic style to have.

Secondly is a coaching leader. This type of leader will support other peoples development to prepare them for the future in terms of learning new skills whilst acknowledging their strengths and weaknesses as team members.

Green in RyannLii states that a coaching leader is beneficial as people are obtaining new skills, therefore improving the individuals performance and motivation to succeed. The affilitative leader believes strongly in building a coherent group, promoting a positive relationship within the group.

This type of leader would deal with problems which may arise in order to keep the group united. Additionally a democratic leader is someone who is a good listener and will invite and acknowledge the input of others.

Alan sugar leadership style

As a result the democratic leader believes strongly in the participation of discussion. A pace setting leader. This type of leader will be very driven and have a high motivation to succeed and achieve their goals.

Moreover Golman suggests that a pace setting leader is someone who would set high standards which is demonstrated by them acting as the leader role to ensure worthy outcomes. Lastly is a commanding leader who demands compliance.

They will expect tasks to be completed without protest whilst they will give clear direction if any problems were to occur. This shows he is a motivated individual with the ambition to succeed and accomplish his goals. As a result of his accomplishments Lord Alan Sugar is an inspiring character to encourage success.

RyannLii demonstrates how Lord Alan Sugar applies to the visionary leadership style. He clearly had a long term vision from an early age to be successful and wealthy in the future which he has achieved. He probes his potential apprentices to demonstrate their skills whilst he encourages them to gain further skills needed to be successful in the business world.

RyannLii also describes Sugar to be an affiliative leader due to his experience and expertise of working in a team effectively with worthy results.

Lord Alan Sugar has the characteristics of a commanding leader in relation to his authorative status.Transcript of Sir Lord Alan Sugar - Management. In conclusion we explained what type of leader he is the good and bad aspects of his leadership style and we compared the leadership with management.

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Gregory House MD (House), Sir Alan Sugar (The Apprentice), Ron Swanson (Parks & Recreation) Simba, Leader of the Pride – democratic. It’s no small task being a successor (especially when you’re following on from Mufasa). Simba, unlike his more autocratic father, pursues a more democratic style.

Alan sugar leadership style

Sir Alan Sugar is in charge and the other three people, Yasmina, Paula and Ben, are being questioned to see who will be fired. Sir Alan Sugar is the first person to talk in the clip and so he will be analysed first. The contextual approach considers leadership style, not behaviour.

In turn, the contextual approach states that leadership style depends on An example of a transactional business leader is Sir Alan Sugar, who tends to make gradual changes to his business over time, rather than attempting radical. Overall Lord Alan Sugar is an inspiring entrepreneur to many people and has an admirable leadership status.

He is a very autocratic, one dimensional and a honest leader which some may perceive as positive or negative attributes. In , Alan Sugar acquired Viglen computers, the UK's leading supplier of computers direct to end-users. Amstrad direct launched in the UK, supplying computers and faxes direct to the public.

In , Alan Sugar acquired Data flex design communications, a specialist in modems. In , he launched Dan call GSM mobile phones.

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